Review of the Logitech G500 LIGHTSPEED Mouse

Wireless gaming mouse, Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED, is extremely well-built and comfortable. When you move the mouse slowly or fast, the configured CPI remains outstandingly constant thanks to the sensor’s extra-wide CPI range.

Low click latency and high maximum polling rate produce in smooth and responsive cursor motions, making it easy to use. The design and thumb rest of the Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED make it more suitable for a palm grip.

It is, however, difficult to use with any grip type since its body is so huge. In addition, while the provided weights may be used to optimise its bulk, it still weighs quite a bit without them. Advantages include wired and wireless connectivity, as well as compatibility with both Windows and macOS systems.

Gaming mice don’t come much better than the Logitech G502 LightSpeed. It’s swift and precise without the use of a cable, and I was immediately won over by its outstanding ergonomics and light weight. If you can afford the price tag, this mouse is one of the finest available today. You won’t be disappointed if you can afford it.

Pros and Cons

· Pros

  • Accurate and quick
  • High-quality HERO sensor; sturdy construction.
  • The G502’s comfort and utility are still there.
  • Battery life of up to 60 hours and complete compatibility with Powerplay
  • Requires a Powerplay charging mat to work
  • G Hub provides a plethora of personalization choices.
  • USB or Powerplay can be used to connect the device to a computer or tablet.

· Cons

  • Only available in right-handed configuration at a premium price.
  • The scroll wheel doesn’t feel as solid as it used to.
  • Misclicks can occur if the left side of the screen is too crowded.

Create a high-quality product

LIGHTSPEED Logitech G502 Create a high-quality image

The build quality of the Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED is amazing. It has a very substantial body with minimal flex, and the buttons have a pleasing click to them.

Both sides of the mouse have grips, and the thumb rest is really pleasant. However, when you shake the mouse, it makes a little wobble sound, much like the wired version.

The Logitech G502 runs Logitech’s intuitive G HUB software, giving you complete control over how you wish to use your peripherals, as with some other new Logitech products.

Initially, the G502 offers only a basic RGB light cycle, which is a bummer because the G HUB software opens up a whole world of possibilities. For a cleaner look, G HUB offers two additional features: Audio Visualiser and Screen Sampler, in addition to the standard cycle and ‘breathing options.’


Color RGB Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED Style Picture LightinThe Logitech G502 Wireless is nearly identical to the Logitech G502 Hero, its wired counterpart.

It has a large physique and an aggressive gameplay appearance. The logo and CPI indicators are RGB-lit, and the mouse has a high-end appearance.

One of the G502’s buttons allows you to change the scrolling setting – the default is a typical ratchet-driven scroll, but there’s a second setting available if you prefer. ‘Hyperscroll’ is a feature that allows you to scroll further and faster by pressing the button down.

Whether you’re dealing with massive web pages, long Excel spreadsheets, or a massive Spotify playlist, this is a great way to get to that one song that you just can’t get enough of.


LIGHTSPEED Logitech G502 Image of portability Volume 24.23 in3 (397 cm3)

Storage of cables and receivers

Yes, owing to its wireless architecture, the G502 LIGHTSPEED is fairly portable. You don’t have to deal with a tangle of cables, and the receiver can be conveniently stored within the mouse, which is really convenient.

Yes, this mouse isn’t made for a fingertip grasp, but it can still be used by those with bigger hands. The sniper and CPI-up buttons, on the other hand, may be difficult to use without losing control of the mouse.

In Relation To Other Mice

The Logitech G502 Wireless has an impressively wide CPI range, and its sensor is incredibly consistent, with little CPI change whether you move it slowly or fast.

It offers a lot of customizable inputs compared to other FPS gaming mouse, but it’s also rather heavy. However, because to its connectivity options and the fact that it’s completely compatible with both Windows and macOS, it’s a highly adaptable mouse.

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The G502’s many DPI settings make it a pleasure to use on a daily basis, with its maximum level of 16,000 DPI being the most commonly used. For the most part, after only a few minutes of use, it becomes second nature.

No record-breaking DPIs, but the G502’s HERO sensor, which it employs, is no different from that of its predecessors — it is, however, responsive. To be fair, the G502 featured a 12,000 DPI sensor in its earlier incarnation and was therefore the world’s highest DPI mouse. As a result, we’re in good hands.

Having a wireless connection means that the G502 has a great deal of flexibility. It may be used on a variety of surfaces, including glass, wood, and even a standard mouse mat, which is a big plus because some mice refuse to function on glass. To get started, all you have to do is plug in the receiver and press a button.


Logitech offers 48 hours of battery life with the RGB lighting switched on and 60 hours with the LEDs turned off. The battery life of the G502 Lightspeed was outstanding in my opinion;

I seldom thought about charging the mouse, and even when I did, I’d frequently discover that the mouse still had a good 10% of its battery life remaining. When the mouse’s battery runs out, the braided micro USB cable included in the box may be used to recharge it.

You can still use the G502 Lightspeed while it’s being charged, though you’ll be tied to the cord for an hour or two, depending on how much you want to charge the battery.

 Design & Build

Initially, the G502 has a plastic build that is similar to that of earlier models. Wireless connectivity is welcomed, and the Micro-USB charging cable’s connection is sturdy and well-made.

In fact, it’s a typical Logitech product, right down to the robust build. The matte black and patterned grips of the G502 give it a premium look and feel. That’s to be anticipated at a price point of £130.

There are eleven programmable buttons, each with a predefined function, on the device. The G502 comes preloaded with a slew of additional features in addition to the standard left and right mouse buttons and scroll wheel.

One button allows you to go forward and backward across online sites, while the other two let you to choose between six different DPI levels, ranging from 100 all the way up to 16,000. What a large sum!


I also tried switching between the G502 Lightspeed and the G502 Hero on occasion to see if it made a difference in gameplay, but it didn’t.

I understand why Logitech took so long to release the G502 wireless. Fans of Logitech’s G502 series will enjoy how the company managed to capture all of the mouse’s best features while removing the cord.

I’ve never been a fan of wireless gaming peripherals, but the G502 Lightspeed has completely altered my views in terms of mouse.

The Logitech G502 Lightspeed mouse may be the last mouse you ever buy, thanks to its ergonomic design, 11 customizable buttons, not to mention a super-fast scroll wheel, amazing battery life, and wireless freedom without latency concerns.


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