Review of the Redragon S101

Putting together a gaming system doesn’t have to be expensive; in fact, you may save money on the most crucial components by cutting costs in some areas.

There are a plethora of inexpensive gaming keyboards and mouse that, believe it or not, perform well. The Redragon S101 is one of the most cost-effective and finest keyboards available.

Its design and performance distinguish it as one of the finest keyboards for regular use as well as one of the best gaming keyboards for long gaming sessions.

Are you unable to purchase the Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard? Then go with the Redragon S101, which comes with an excellent keyboard and gaming mouse. It’s the best option for those on a tight budget.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent value for money. Bundles that include a keyboard and mouse Multimedia keys built-in
  • Saturated backlight colors
  • Price
  • Strong legs on the keyboard
  • Non-slip thanks to rubber inserts

· Cons

  • There isn’t enough wrist rest.
  • The rigidity of the mouse material
  • Soft keystroke


We were quite delighted with the Redragon S101 in terms of membrane keyboards. The keys themselves have a pleasant feel to them—not mechanical, but with sufficient resistance to respond to your fingertips.

At the same time, the keys feature a rubbery texture that prevents fingers from sliding. In fact, the mouse had a similar feel to it, which made it much easier to handle. When compared to the Logitech K400, the Redragon S101 is the clear winner for gaming and general use.

The keyboard itself is an excellent gadget. However, a gaming mouse and keyboard set like the Redragon S101 might help you play more efficiently. In addition to the Redragon gaming keyboard, the Red Backlit Gaming Mouse pairs perfectly with it.

The mouse features a sensitivity of 3200 DPI that enables precise control over your movement. In addition, the sensitivity may be fine-tuned to suit any game type you want.

The Red Backlit gaming mouse is not a simple gimmick that was created to sell you the package for a higher price. Basically, it’s a full-blown gaming system. The mouse includes five customizable buttons, a comfortable right-hand grip, and eight tuning weights.


The Redragon S101 keyboard, including the gaming mouse, appears to be made of high-quality materials for the price. When compared to the Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, though, it appears inexpensive.

In the top-right corner, you’ll discover multimedia buttons as well as specific keys for email, home, searching, and so on. Because this is an LED keyboard, you can change the RGB illumination by pressing FN and then using the arrow keys. It is missing a nice wrist rest. It’s a little longer around the bottom, but it’s still insufficient.

For the Redragon keyboard review, we put this setup to the test and are happy to report back on our findings. The two devices may be put side-by-side in the same room without causing any issues. It’s a joy to push the buttons and get a satisfying response.

When using a keyboard and a mouse, there is no sense of dissonance. Using the mouse and keyboard’s configurable lighting, you may create a colour scheme that matches both devices. The outcome is a harmony that not only feels, but also seems.


Comparing the Redragon S101 against the Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard was the best approach to determine its worth. They’re both marketed as “gaming” keyboards, after all. The Razer is certainly superior in terms of performance.

In the case of the Redragon S101, you’re getting an excellent gaming keyboard and a mouse with extra buttons combined together. This is the way to go if you’re on a budget and want to get the most bang for your buck.

The properties of modern membrane keyboards are distinct. For a variety of reasons, our staff is interested in highlighting Redragon s101. The tactile nature of a red dragon keyboard is a major selling point. Pressing the keys nearly doesn’t register with the user due to how soft they are.

This Redragon keyboard review has a mechanical mechanism that is virtually unnoticeable. The keys have an elastic covering to keep your fingertips from slipping.

Additionally, the integrated mouse rests comfortably in the user’s hand and is barely perceptible. Our recommendation is to go with the Redragon s101 over the Logitech K400.

Good bang for the buck.

The product does exactly what it says it will. The keyboard and mouse are quite comfortable to use. The keyboard’s backlight is stunning, and it can not only change colours but also blink or make a wave.

In addition to picking a main colour. This keyboard comes with a color-changing mouse as well, which is a minor gripe on my part. The mouse can fade slowly or quickly, but it lacks the ability to match your colours. Aside than that, I think this product is worth the money I paid for it.

It’s a good gaming keyboard. The keys are snappy and easy to use. Fun backlighting choices are available. Change the colour of the lights or have them pulse in various patterns.

When using the right shift key with the number keys one or two, the! and @ symbols don’t appear. My typing speed suffers because of the left shift key required to enter these symbols. As a little annoyance, this keyboard is designed for gaming and not for typing.


The Redragon S101 performed admirably in a gaming setting. It will, in most situations, outperform the amount you spend, and this includes the gaming mouse.

It was also convenient to have all of the extra features, like as multimedia playback and dedicated app buttons. While a better wrist rest would have been preferable, it is so reasonably priced that you will be able to purchase something more comfortable.

I like the fact that the device’s pricing is both reasonable and well-justified. There are a slew of extras tucked inside inside the package that round out the whole experience. The keyboard is of excellent quality, both in terms of appearance and functionality.

This is wonderful news since the red dragon keyboard outperforms all expectations in its price range. The inexpensive price allows you to purchase other, more critical components for your PC..

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