The Bengoo G9000 is a low-cost gaming headset Review

A high-quality gaming headset costs upwards of $100, and not everyone can afford it. We understand. That’s why we appreciate firms like Bengoo providing more reasonable alternatives for consumers who wish to upgrade from their TV’s built-in speaker.

Does the Bengoo G9000 headset, on the other hand, have what it takes to become a part of your arsenal? Let’s have a look.

A muddy, light brown backdrop with a green pattern covers the soldier-printed LEDs, giving them a rustic look. However, the LEDs themselves are a dark blue, making the two colours work beautifully together.

The second one has a more feminine feel to it. It has a purple-pinkish hue to it that appears to be matte. Although it seems to be matte and shiny, the headset is really purple in colour.

This headset contains LED lights that shine bright purple and illuminate in the dark, making it even more appealing.A well-built interior and exterior could make them seem pricey, but they are actually rather reasonable.

Everything is included, including an LED system, at a very reasonable price point. The price of this headphone varies based on the colour, however the highest price is $30.

 What I enjoy

Going into my time with Bengoo’s G9000 gaming headset, I wasn’t expecting much. After all, it’s just about $25 and comes from a relatively unknown company. Surely it can’t compete with brands like Astro, SteelSeries, Turtle Beach, and others.

No, it isn’t possible. What you do receive, though, is a shockingly good pair of gaming headphones. The Bengoo G9000 is an over-ear headset with a flip boom microphone, inbuilt volume control, and non-customizable blue LED lights.

It looks the part for those who want something a little showy, however I’ve never been a fan of the harsh, pointed edges that most conventional gaming accessories have.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. What important is what occurs when you put these things on your head, and the G9000 has a lot to offer there. It all begins with the audio, which a headset must get right at the very least. Bengoo got it right, I’m delighted to say.

The 40mm drivers on these are excellent. They have strong bass, which, depending on who you are, may be a little too punchy. You’ll adore it if the loud rumble that comes with Michael Bay-style explosions is what you enjoy most about them.


That’s not to say the bass isn’t powerful; in fact, the highs aren’t too far behind it. The G9000 does a good job of representing the whole audio spectrum on a stereo plane, so you won’t have any trouble detecting small noises like footsteps in Fortnite or any other game that requires directional audio.

I’d want to give a shout-out to the microphone as well. I appreciate that it’s a flip mic rather than a retractable component like other headsets have, because retractable microphones never seem to stow away properly.

But, more importantly, my voice is audible to those on the other side. I don’t have to shout into the mike to make sure it picks up my voice because it has incredible sensitivity. In fact, it’s that very quality that detracts from the whole experience, as we’ll discuss in a moment.

The headset’s cord is lengthy (49 inches) and allows you to move around freely. That means you won’t rip the chord out by accident as you jump up to celebrate a great win. The braided cable seems and feels strong, with little bend at either end.

This should, presumably, reduce the odds of a short forming. Because of the thick material utilised, it won’t tangle easily, which is a great positive in my book. The integrated volume control puck might be a little smaller, but it’s not so large that you can’t ignore it.

 What irritates me

While the high sensitivity of the microphone is fantastic for allowing you to speak quietly and yet be heard, it also causes some unpleasant feedback for whoever you’re speaking with. The headset’s audio might sometimes leak into the microphone, allowing others to hear what you say.

The consequence is an obnoxious echo that will irritate everyone who hears it. By the same token, it doesn’t do a good job of blocking out ambient noises, so even if the fan next to you isn’t blowing directly into the microphone, others can hear it.

Other difficulties with the Bengoo G9000 exist, although they aren’t quite as serious as the one mentioned above. For starters, the build quality is a little fragile, but that’s to be expected for gear in this price bracket.

The main objective, as you can see, was to make a functioning headset out of as little plastic as possible. And although the headset’s lightness lends itself to comfort, the rest of the headgear appears to work against that purpose.

The ear cups are my greatest issue in that department. They’re comfortable, although they’re a tad on the tiny side. These sit on my head more like on-ear headphones, which aren’t horrible but require a different type of cushioning.

Amazing Sound Output and Volume Control

Aside from everything else, this is the characteristic of the Bengoo G9000 headset that really stands out.When you’re playing a game, you’ll hear everything from gunfire to footsteps with pinpoint accuracy and clarity.

There is a control box included with this headset, which has an on/off switch for the mic as well as a volume dial that may be used while playing video games. This headset, as previously indicated, is ideal for use on a variety of platforms, including:

The majority of gamers understand how engrossing and time-consuming video games can be, but they may also be damaging to their ears if they are not played with the proper headset, which the bengoo headset delivers.

You’ll love how soft and lightweight the ear pads are, as well as how well they let air pass through, which means your ears will be able to breathe easier.

As a result of this characteristic, you may use this without fear of irritation to your skin. The Bengoo G9000 has been designed to prevent hearing loss and excessive heat sweating.


Despite what looks to be a great quantity of padding, I found the headband to be a little strange around the top of my head. That difficulty was handled by tilting the headset such that the headband was positioned slightly toward my forehead, which helped relieve some of the agony.

The dual-pronged cable design is easy, but because both ends are the same length, connecting the USB cable (which powers the LED lights) to your Xbox One and the 3.5mm headphone socket to your Xbox One controller at the same time is problematic.

Oh, and because the headset does not function with a PC through USB, you’ll need to use a splitter (included in my order, but previous SKUs may not) if you want to listen to audio while using the microphone.

Bengoo’s G9000 headset has a lot going for it. The audio quality is excellent for the price, and the inclusion of an inbuilt volume control puck will aid people who cannot afford to pay extra for a headset adaptor.

Unfortunately, it falls short in a few other key areas, making it a no-brainer suggestion. Its extremely sensitive microphone will irritate your buddies, and if you have larger head or ear sizes, you’ll need to take more pauses during prolonged gaming sessions.

Overall, the Bengoo G9000 outperformed my expectations in terms of audio quality. Across all platforms, it stayed sharp. If you’re on a tight budget and think you can live with the drawbacks listed above, the Bengoo is the way to go.

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